Monther Al Nasser X Bint Alia Aljassimya

                                                   2014 Bay Colt

                                                              SCID, CA & LFS Clear


'Ali' is an exceptional quality colt, bred in the US by Aljassimya Farm. He has an outstanding pedigree that includes some of the best Egyptian lines with three crosses to Ali Jamaal, and one of the most successful tail female lines in US history, that of TW Forteyna. Ali is very correct with a superb body, elegant hooky neck, and a beautiful dry, chiselled head. He is very showy and has a marvellous personality, always cheerful and happy. He is very charismatic, and moves for 20's when he wants to impress !


Ali's first foals have arrived and exceeded all our expectations. From very different mares he has added type, great bodies and very pretty heads, with movement and attitude.


We are  forever indebted to Aljassimya Farm for allowing us to own this super colt.



Ali was shown by Aljassimya Farm as a foal at the Arabian Foal Festival in the US, where he was second in his class and Silver Champion Show Colt foal. We were delighted when Ali was 2nd Yearling Colts at the UKIAHS 'A' show 2015 - only his second show here !



Ali Aljassimya will be available at stud  by natural cover and excellent chilled semen strictly to limited mares during 2017.


                                          Ali Aljassimya Breeding Agreement      


                                  All photo's Emma Maxwell



                                                            ZAS EL JAHWHAR

                                                                   ViVegas x Rose Jamaal

                                                                            2013 Stallion

                                                                  SCID Clear / CA Carrier

                                                                      Natural Cover Only


                                                                      ***FOR SALE***


        ZAS El Jahwhar Pedigree